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Chapter 5. Toxic Cyanobacteria in Florida Waters

Cyanobacteria represent a common component of algal assemblages in Floridaís lakes, springs, estuaries, and other marine environments. The frequency of cyanobacterial bloom reports has recently become more common and algal toxin data are just beginning to be collected with the advent of monitoring efforts and the availability of laboratories in the state capable of conducting algal toxin analyses.

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Subjects - Cyanobacteria

Citation: Burns Jr JW. 2008 In: Hudnell HK, editor. Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms: State of the Science and Research Needs. New York (NY): Springer-Verlag. ISBN: 978-0387758640 Chapter 5. Toxic Cyanobacteria in Florida Waters. p 127-137