Paradise Lost? This Environmental History of Florida

This collection of essays surveys the environmental history of the Sunshine State, from Spanish exploration to the present, and provides an organized, detailed overview of the reciprocal relationship between humans and Florida's unique peninsular ecology. It is divided into four thematic sections: explorers and naturalists; science, technology, and public policy; despoliation; and conservationists and environmentalists. The contributors describe the evolving environmental policies and practices of the state and federal governments and the dynamic interaction between the Florida environment and many social and cultural groups including the Spanish, English, Americans, southerners, northerners, men, and women. They have applied historical methodology and also drawn on the methodologies of the fields of political science, cultural anthropology, and sociology.

Publisher - University Press of Florida

Subjects - History, Environmental; History, Florida

Citation: Davis JE, Arsenault R, editors. 2005. Paradise Lost? This Environmental History of Florida. Gainesville (FL): University Press of Florida; 420 p ISBN: 978-0813028262