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Chapter 7. The St. Johns River System

The St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida and is unique among the larger rivers of the United States in its northward flow. It is a coastal plain river that arises in the low freshwater marshes of St. Lucie and Indian River Counties, west of Ft. Pierce. From its headwaters, it flows northward 440 km to Jacksonville, then turns east 40 km to empty into the Atlantic Ocean at Mayport, Florida. The St. Johns River drains approximately 22,790 km2 or one fifth of the land area of Florida (Snell and Anderson, 1970) (Figure 7.1).

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Citation: DeMort CL. 1990 In: Livingston RJ, editor. The Rivers of Florida. Volume 83. New York (NY): Springer-Verlag. ISBN: 978-0387973630 Chapter 7. The St. Johns River System. p 97-120