The Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act

This rule chapter implements Section 379.2431(2), F.S., (the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act) by establishing restrictions toprotect manatees from harmful collisions with motorboats and from harassment; to protect manatee habitat, such as seagrass beds,from destruction by boats or other human activity; and to provide limited safe havens where manatees can rest, feed, reproduce, givebirth or nurse undisturbed by human activity. The Commission shall only regulate motorboat speed and operation in areas wheremanatees are frequently sighted and the best available scientific information, as well as other available, relevant, and reliableinformation supports the conclusion that manatees inhabit such areas on a regular or periodic basis. Information considered by theCommission may include but is not limited to manatee surveys, observations, available studies of food sources, and water depths.

Publisher - Florida Department of State (FDOS)

Subjects - Mammal, Manatee

Citation: FWC. 1978. The Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, 68C-22 Florida Department of State (FDOS).