A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language

Taken from the surviving contemporary documentary sources, Julian Granberry's volume describes the grammar and lexicon for the extinct 17th-century Timucua language of Central and North Florida and traces the origins of the 17th-century Timucua speakers and their language. Originally privately published in 1987, with limited circulation, this is the only available publication on the Timucuan language. It provides full grammatical analysis and complete lexical data, and it synthesizes both linguistic and archaeological data in order to provide a coherent picture of the Timucua peoples. Granberry traces the probable historical origins of Timucua speakers to a central Amazonian homeland at approximately 2,500 B.C. and proposes that Timucua speakers were responsible for introducing ceramic wares into North America.

Publisher - University of Alabama Press

Subjects - Timucua Indians; Language,633.aspx

Citation: Granberry J. 1993. A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language. 3rd edition. Tuscaloosa (AL): The University of Alabama Press. 320 p ISBN: 978-0817307042,633.aspx