Limnological Analyses

In this thoroughly updated third edition, the authors have provided a series of carefully designed and tested field and laboratory exercises that represent the full scope of limnology. In using this text, students will gain a solid foundation in this complex, multidisciplinary field of ecology as they explore the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of standing and running waters. Limnological Analyses, Third Edition illustrates accepted standard methods as well as modern metabolic and experimental approaches and their research applications. Each exercise is preceded by an introductory section and concludes with questions for students as well as suggestions for further reading. As a textbook, Limnological Analyses, Third Edition is a highly structured, concise presentation with a research-oriented approach that openly invites active participation by students.

Publisher - Springer

Subjects - Limnology

Citation: Wetzel RG, Likens GE. 2000. Limnological Analyses. 3rd edition. New York (NY): Springer-Verlag. 429 p ISBN: 978-0387989280