Annual Update on the Duval County Manatee Protection Plan

This document is the 2011-12 annual update to the Duval County Manatee Protection Plan. It represents additional population inventory and analysis of data gathered between October 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012 by Jacksonville University. In 2004, the recommendation was made that the 1999 Edition of the Duval County MPP be updated into a new edition. Data, figures, tables and agency names were outdated or no longer appropriate. The latter, was considered to be an administrative update and did not affect the inner workings of the Duval MPP itself. The new updated document was approved by the FWC in November 2006. Among the plan's changes are clarifications of the applicability of the MPP to multi-family boat facilities and revisions to the "Unacceptable" category. In 2009 ATM Inc., conducted a boating study of Duval County for the City of Jacksonville, the results of which are to be incorporated into the latest Manatee Protection Plan rewrite and update in 2012-13. Note: This resource has been updated to the latest version.

Publisher - City of Jacksonville (COJ), Jacksonville Waterways Commission (JWC)

Subjects - Mammal, Manatee

Citation: White AQ, Pinto GF. 2012. Annual Update on the Duval County Manatee Protection Plan. Jacksonville (FL): City of Jacksonville (COJ), Jacksonville Waterway Commission (JWC). 67 pp