Reef Creature Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas

This book has been relied on for almost two decades to identify the weird and wonderful crabs, lobsters, shrimps, jellies, sponges, tunicates and mollusks that inhabit the reefs! The 2nd edition includes 220 new photos of beautiful shells, outrageously camouflaged crabs, a superb collection of exquisite nudibranchs and the most outrageous octopus ever discovered in the Caribbean! The scienitifically updated text, illustrated with more than 660 fascinating photos, is the most comprehensive and beautiful visual ID reference published for marine invertebrates of the Florida Caribbean and Bahamas region.

Publisher - New World Publications

Subjects - Reef

Citation: Humann P, Deloach N. 2011. Reef Creature Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas. 5th edition. Jacksonville (FL): New World Publications. ISBN: 978-1878348319