Book Chapter

Global Cycle and Properties of Nickel

This book provides the first comprehensive review of current knowledge about the role and hazards of nickel in the environment. Systematically deals with the sources, distribution, behavior, and flow of nickel in different ecosystems, as well as with the metabolism, biochemistry, and systemic toxicity of nickel in plants, human beings, and other organisms. Investigates the carcinogenic and dermatological effects of nickel and interactions of nickel with essential minerals.

Publisher - Wiley Interscience

Subjects - Chemical, Nickel; Toxicity

Citation: Nriagu JO. 1980 In: Nriagu JO, editor. Nickel in the Environment. New York (NY): Wiley Interscience. ISBN: 9780471058854 Global Cycle and Properties of Nickel. p 1-26.