St. Johns River-In the Balance

This report examines the St. Johns River System, and discusses its general ecological characteristics with a focus on the Lower St. Johns River Basin and its estuary. The report also investigates the research literature on the importance of freshwater input into the St. Johns River estuary. Finally, the report looks at the research in the Alternative Water Supply Cumulative Impact Assessment Phase One Report by the St. Johns River Water Management District on the proposed water withdrawal associated with the Alternative Water Supply.

Publisher - City of Jacksonville (COJ), Environmental Protection Board (EPB)

Subjects - Water Withdrawal; St. Johns River

Collection: Section 2: Water Quality (2014)

Citation: White AQ, Pinto GF, Luther ML. 2009. St. Johns River-In the Balance. Jacksonville (FL): City of Jacksonville (COJ), Environmental Protection Board (EPB). 91 pp.